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What to Look For in Women Joules Wellies

Joules is a popular lifestyle and fashion brand that was founded in the late 80’s in the UK. The high street brand has successfully expanded in other countries, including the US. One of the most popular products of Joules is the Wellington boot, also known as wellies. If you are gearing up for the wet months, here’s what you need to look for in Joules wellies for women

  • Waterproof materials – Believe it or not, some wellies are not completely waterproof. Joules wellies are usually made of 100% rubber to keep water from entering.
  • Adjustable and expandable design – This is highly important if you will purchase tall wellies. Tall Joules wellies that end right above the knee usually have adjustable buckles and expandable insets for your comfort.
  • Lugged or treaded outsoles – Choose Joules wellies depending on your needs. Some have enhanced rubber grips on the soles for icy winter conditions and snow while some have extra thick bottoms to keep you from slipping in muddy locations.
  • Inside lining – Make sure the wellies you purchase have completed inside lining, this is to ensure your feet, as well as the other parts of your leg, are comfortable when you are walking or running.
  • Style – Joules wellies will never cramp your style no matter what the weather. Who says you can’t gear up while still staying fabulous and chic? You can find a wide range of Joules wellies in different designs such as classic polka dots and horizontal stripes as well as floral prints and fun images of animals like bees, birds, and dogs. If you are more of a neutral dresser, plain and solid-colored wellies are also available from Joules. 

Joules wellies come in different structures to meet your requirements. If you are simply looking for protection from the snow or rain, opt for high wellies. For those going on an outdoor adventure, choose low-cut wellies with hard wearing soles.

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