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10 Seconds Elastic Laces

$ 7.99


Forget about hard-to-tie laces - New Balance Elastic Shoelaces simplify adjusting and tying your shoelaces Replace your old laces with these elastic shoelaces. Just lace up your shoes once and set the locks to keep the laces from coming untied as you walk or run. These laces make it easy to slip on laced shoes, so you can quickly to start your day. You don't have to keep tying and untying your shoes--great for those with arthritic fingers!
  • Elastic
  • Easy-to-use laces don't have to be tied again once you lace your shoes and set the locks - great for those with arthritic fingers.
  • Durable elastic and nylon laces offer long-lasting wear and helps prevent shoes from coming untied as you move.
  • Water-resistant design will last through walks in wet conditions.