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Spenco For Her Q Factor Cushion Arch Support Shoe Insole

Spenco For Her Q Factor Cushion Arch Support Shoe Insole

$ 19.99

Insoles designed for men do not address the effect of a woman’s increased quadriceps angle (Q angle) on her natural stride. When a woman runs, foot impact causes supination (outward rolling) followed by over-pronation (the shifting of weight to the inside of the foot). Over time, these conflicting forces can lead to potentially serious repetitive strain injuries to the foot, ankle and knee. Spenco for Her Q Factor Technology helps guide a woman’s natural stride into a centralized and balanced path.

The Q Factor Cushion Insole was designed specifically for women. This insole helps stabilize the alignment of a woman’s Quadriceps-Angle (Q-angle), cradles the heel and supports the arch. All these combine to improve balance and reduce impact while walking or running.

- Five sizes fit women size 3-12

- Best used in athletic, tennis, basketball and training shoes with removable insoles

  • Replacement insoles for women
  • EVA forefoot cushioning
  • Lightweight PolySorb polyurethane foam supports heel and arch
  • Gel heel strike cushion
  • Heel-to-toe SpenCore Material