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El Naturalista Women’s Shoes - Stylish Footwear For Any Occasion

Posted by Dan Balducci on

El Naturalista comes from La Rioja, which is a popular location in Spain for artisan shoemakers. The brand of El Naturalista is all about comfort and fashion as well as being environmentally-friendly. When translated in English, the brand literally means ‘The Naturalist.’ El Naturalista follows a strict eco-policy and all lines are inspired by nature. All shoes are made from natural or recycled rubber outsoles and vegetable tanned leather. The designers of El Naturalista look for inspiration from all over the world. 

The company manufactures its own shoes from its two factories: one is in Tangier, Morocco while the other in its homeland in La Rioja, Spain. El Naturalista creates shoes with distinctive characteristics, such as:

 Vegan – All vegan shoes from El Naturalista do not use animal products, from the cut and lining right down to the finish and treatment. These shoes are usually made from cotton and bamboo.

  • Comfortable soles – Designed for walking, El Naturalista shoes are made from recycled cork and/or natural rubber.
  • Anatomic soles – By using recycled cork, these shoes are able to give a perfect fit and excellent support for your feet. Thanks to optimal weight distribution, impact is absorbed to avoid any damages on the foot’s sole.
  • Removable insoles – This characteristic is highly ideal if you have specific insole needs. You can easily replace the insoles that come with the El Naturalista shoe with your orthopedic insoles.
  • Rubber soles – El Naturalista shoes are very durable and flexible due to its rubber soles. What’s more, soles that are made from rubber are biodegradable, resistant, and also comfortable. 

Women can find a wide variety of shoes from El Naturalista that can suit all kinds of events and occasions. If you are simply looking for an everyday shoe, flats and loafers are available. For those looking for something trendier, check out their Mary Janes and boots.


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