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How to Select the Most Attractive Pairs of Haflinger Slippers for Women

Posted by Elias Kadib on
How to Select the Most Attractive Pairs of Haflinger Slippers for Women

The Haflinger brand was founded 5 decades ago but only in the 90’s did it start to import slippers to the US. Originally from Germany, Haflinger is the biggest manufacturer of wool felt clogs and wool slippers. The company is widely known for its excellent workmanship and outstanding quality. 

Wool felt and boiled wool has been used for almost 70 years in Europe for creating slippers and other footwear but is a relatively new material in the shoe industry in the US. Since wool is a natural material, it offers softness, breathability, and even wellness properties. As a natural insulator, wool can keep your feet warm during the cold months and cool during the summer. Haflinger slippers for women are ideal for those with healthy or problematic feet. 

The production of Halfinger slippers is still quite traditional but you can now find modern designs that are trendy and classy. When selecting Haflinger slippers for women, here are some questions you need to answer: 

  • What is the condition of my foot?  

Some people have very sensitive feet, so it’s best to stick to slippers that are made of natural materials. If you have large toes or if the upper part of your foot is wide, it’s best to stick to open slippers instead of closed-clog types.

  • Where am I going to use my slippers?  

All Haflinger slippers are long-lasting but some are more ideal for specific usage. For example, during the winter, it’s best to opt for Haflinger slippers that have enclosed toes to keep your feet warm. If you need some support while walking, choose Haflinger slippers that have back straps.

  • What’s my style?  

If you have a neutral color palette then purchase Haflinger slippers in blacks, browns, or grays. If you are more on the trendy side, you can check out Haflinger slippers with more colors or have appliques.


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