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What to Look for While Choosing Women’s Joules Wellies

Posted by Elias Kadib on
What to Look for While Choosing Women’s Joules Wellies

Joules is a lifestyle brand established in 1989. Founder Tom Joule first started out by selling outdoor wear in cheerful and perky designs, then eventually expanded to footwear. Even if the weather is gloomy, you can still look sunny in women’s Joules wellies

Are you looking to shop this brand? Beware of fakes! Be sure to buy only from a reliable online shop if you want authenticity and great value. You should also keep these in mind: 

  • Authentic wellies from Joules usually have the logo on the shaft. Counterfeit products usually bear the wrong name on the wellies.
  • The trouble with cheap wellies is that they are just for looks. In the end, your feet still get wet. Check what material is used. Authentic Joules wellies should be waterproof.
  • To accommodate the leg of the wearer and to provide comfort, high Joules wellies have adjustable buckle straps and expandable insets. More feminine styles have ribbons and bows instead of buckle straps. It’s hard to put in and remove your feet from wellies that are not adjustable.
  • Walkways can get very slippery during the rainy season. To ensure your safety, make sure your boots are built for real streets—not just for the catwalk. Boots with lugged outer soles can offer better traction and keep you from slipping.
  • To ensure your comfort, Joules wellies have cushioned insoles. But if you prefer not to have them, don’t worry—they are removable.
  • Joules is all about style. You will surely find wellies that will suit your taste. Simple and solid-colored wellies as available if you’re looking for an understated pair, but you can also go for stripes, polka dots, and even fauna and flora prints. 

When choosing Joules wellies, take your typical rain attire into consideration. Do you mostly wear neutral trench coats or colorful jackets? Pick a pair that best suits your rainy-day wear. 

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