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Haflinger Siberia Shearling Lined Closed Heel Clog

Haflinger Siberia Shearling Lined Closed Heel Clog

$ 185.00


HAFLINGER Slippers - The Best Slippers from Germany

HAFLINGER is a brand by Iesse-Schuh Gmbh from Goslar, situated on the outer ranges of the magnificent Harz Mountains in Germany. The cords and strings produced in 1898 by Emil Otto, the grandfather of the current director of the Iesse, laid the foundation for the company's modern-day success.

Nature has always been a significant influence and cornerstone of Iesse's philosophy inspiring company values and sparking the employment of natural shapes in product design so greatly appreciated by Haflingers loyal and ever growing customer base. Driven by innovation and close adherence to the company's philosophy, HAFLINGER has established a globally recognized reputation as one of the premium brands specializing in slippers, clogs, and slipper boots made of boiled wool, wool felt, sheepskin or cotton.

The company's Paragon, the Haflinger horse breed has been the model for both company and brand ever since, forging grace, power, and longevity into a unique product appreciated by hundreds and thousands of customers worldwide.