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El Naturalista El Viajero 5274 Lux Suede Shoes

$ 124.99


As its name suggests, it is a line designed for people who prioritize comfort for long hours since, thanks to its anatomical design, it adapts perfectly providing great comfort. One of El Naturalista's best-selling lines, designed for both men and women.

High quality and waterproofed suede (up to a maximum of 2 hours). Its extra-fine sanding process leaves dust in suspension and color migrations may occur, since no product is applied to its surface that violates its natural and artisan appearance. The finish highlights the liveliness of colors thanks to its extra-fine hair that also maintains the writing effect (different appearance depending on the direction of the fibers).

Rubber gives our soles flexibility and durability. This is how we get comfortable, resistant and biodegradable soles in 500 years.

Detachable insoles with an anatomical design. A perk for those who need to wear their own orthopedic insoles or people whose feet are sweating profusely. Made of recycled PU.