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El Naturalista Women's Crust Leather ND52 Flat

$ 152.99


Provides increased comfort with its recycled insole, which in addition has antibacterial and breathable properties, special for the summer.


  • Season: Spring/Summer
  • Colour: Black
  • Inspiration: STELLA
  • Kind of Shoe: Flat
  • Removable Insole: No
  • Heel Height: Plain/Flat
Crust Antique Leather

Leather treated traditionally, with natural waxes applied manually. With this leather you will experience the vividness of the colour.

Rubber Sole

Rubber gives our soles flexibility and durability. Thus we achieve soles that are comfortable, resistant and biodegradable in 500 years.

Recycled Insole

The material of this insole helps maintain foot hygiene providing a high level of sweat absorption. In addition it helps increase comfort.