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Parquet Double Layer Inverted Umbrellas C-Shaped Handle Reverse Folding Windproof Umbrella

$ 18.99


  • INVERTED DESIGN: Our double layered inverted Umbrella folds the wet outer layer into itself, reducing the chances of you getting wet, the surroundings like in a car, table, or floor (see diagram for specifics). Prevents water from dripping everywhere.
  • CONVENIENT C-Shaped Handle: The C shape makes the inverted umbrella easy to carry and even hands free. You can put the C handle over your arm or wrist, giving even more convenience and comfort than the ordinary rain umbrella.
  • WINDPROOF QUALITY: 31 Inches Long. Durable Frame and handle making it perfect for any rainy or windy conditions. Can withstand multiple uses especially with its breathable double layer. Great for casual use, for cars, dates, offices, or anywhere else you may leave an umbrella or need one!
  • PATTERNS: We carry both solid colored (see seller page) and patterned double layer inverted umbrellas. Our fun styles include: Blue Sky, Yellow/Pink/Blue Flower, Galaxy Lights, Polka Dots, Animal Prints, and more. These different patterned umbrellas are the perfect accessory to anyone's outfit on a rainy day.