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Tacco Taccolette

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Tacco's Taccolette is a metatarsal halter cushion for the ball of the foot. It is mainly designed for use in woman's dress shoes and sandals but can really be used by anyone in any type of shoe. Tacco's Taccolette Halter Cushion mainly provides cushioning to the ball of the foot but it also helps to prevent forefoot slippage in open toe shoes and provides some support to thThe white center of the Taccolette Halter Metatarsal Cushion is made from a soft foam rubber that cushions while it creates a non slip surface for the ball of the foot. The cushion pad is surrounded with a genuine leather top and bottom layer and has a stick on pad on the bottom to keep it in place. Generally the Taccolette Halter is intended to be committed to a single pair of shoes. Once it is stuck in place it can be removed but the stickiness will be diminished significantly. Tacco's Taccolette Halter Metatarsal cushions are a one size fits all product but they do come in comes in two colors, black and brown.e metatarsal bones.