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Tuff Toe Shoe Repair & Protection

$ 36.99


TUFF TOE™ Fastpitch Pro v2 is the same material we use when you send in your Softball cleat for a Factory Applied Tuff Toe.  The difference between the Fastpitch Pro v2 and the Pro is that the Fastpitch Pro comes with our black Foundation Baselayer cartridge. This baselayer gives and extra layer of durability at the sole edge right where you need double protection. The top layer then covers the entire application area and wraps around onto the sole to give you double protection on your hardest wear area. This is the exact proceedure and material we use in house for Custom Factory Applications. Tuff Toe v2 Pro is applied as a thick 2 Part Epoxy/Polyurethane and cures to a durable yet flexible protective layer to form a permanent protective bond to any footwear, new or used.

  • Polyurethane
  • Made in USA
  • Tuff Toe™ Fastpitch Pro double coats your cleats with the Foundation Baselayer and the Tuff Toe Flex Protection 2nd layer.
  • Save money by protecting your cleats.
  • Compatible with any cleat and brand.
  • Tuff Toe™ products are used by every Major League Baseball team and many Collegiate baseball and softball teams across the United States as well as our Olympic Baseball and Softball teams.